As part of our looking ahead at what’s coming up in the world of post lockdown “live art events”, we contacted artist Sophie Long to see what she has in the pipeline.
We’re fans of Sophie’s work, her art hangs on our office walls at work and she is also one of our ShipArt™ #flightlgart artists, so we were thrilled to hear that she has an exhibition coming up. Titled “THE WORLD AS THEY KNOW IT” it is provisionally booked for the 10-17th June at CentreSpace Gallery in Bristol. Originally postponed back in November 2020 due to Covid 19, it’s now back on!

Sophie Long bees – “Dying Out”

 Here’s how Sophie describes her exhibition on the Centrespace website:
“Dripping in colour and eccentric brush marks, I will show you my visual interpretations of the depleting animal kingdom. A combination of unseen pieces and some Sophie Long Art classics. I want to draw you in to my exaggerated style of vibrancy and contrast…”

Sophie Long’s Upfest building – “Dying Out”

Sophie is also part of the Upfest Six Sisters exhibition – six female artists painting six buildings in Bristol’s North Street.