We’ve mentioned on many occasions that we simply cannot wait for galleries and exhibition spaces to start opening again. One seriously cool venue that we’re keen to visit is “The Vault”. As such we’ve been in touch with David Aiu (co-founder and anchor resident of the Vault Project and one of our ShipArtTM #flightlgart artists), to find out more about the project and what visitors can expect.

The Vault Project
In the heart of London just off Pall Mall and between Nelson’s Column and Chinatown, lies The Vault. Once used to store artwork for the local museums, then wine, then abandoned for 30 years, it is now an artist-led space that offers residencies for both emerging and established artists. Once the doors open the public will be able to engage in the creative process with artists as well as attend screenings, concerts, exhibitions, and lectures.

David Aiu explained: “we are aiming to launch some private events, studio visits, workshops and talks from June 21st, 2021 and we’re also planning a big opening launch/ opening party in September.”

You can view all updates on Instagram @vault_project