The following is a copy of the letter sent by Flight Logistics to applicable clients on November 2nd 2020
Whilst still awaiting final information on changes to export and import procedures “post Brexit“ we do already have details of legislative changes to export procedures for International Mail services which will be effective from January 1st 2021. These new regulations will be imposed by Royal Mail and all other international postal operators.

All “non – document” items travelling by post will need similar paperwork to that which is already required for international courier and freight shipments. For anyone selling goods on-line to overseas clients the following will apply:

  • From January 1st 2021 HS (Harmonised) codes must be supplied for ALL products being exported in order for Customs and Excise departments in each country to determine import taxes and duties on arrival at the destination country. There is a very helpful tool at which will enable you to locate the correct codes for your products and confirm the necessary paperwork. (This rule is already in place for courier/freight shipments.)
  • Shipment values – must be declared in full. Every item within a shipment must have a retail value (the price you are charging your client) declared on the accompanying paperwork (invoice) unless the shipment is a sample or free promotional item. Although some items are duty free to many parts of the world and there are “de-minimis” thresholds at which duties and taxes become payable (which vary from country to country) in order for these to be calculated the total value of every individually priced piece within your shipment must be declared on the accompanying invoice. (This rule is already in place for courier/freight shipments.)
  • Additionally, to ensure the smooth delivery of your items and enable track and trace and managed postal delivery options we now require an email address and telephone number for your shipment recipient. This applies to both courier and postal tracked services.