Sending goods to the US by mail this season? You may want to make some changes for the last quarter this year as a perfect storm is now brewing in the United States Postal Service that will bring severe detrimental service issues to online retailers.

There will be a number of unusual factors combining in the US in the final quarter of the year to create this “Perfect Storm” – namely:

  1. Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas will all be coming in to play and raising mailing volumes and increasing backlogs within the system.
  2. There’s a Presidential Election happening on November 3rd – who knew? Leading up to this date there will be massive volumes of mail coursing through the USPS as voting by mail is going to be hugely important as an alternative to voting in person in these Pandemic times.
  3. In order to cope with the huge surge of mail volumes the official response has been to remove hundreds of high-speed mail sorting machines! So far nearly 700 have gone, this means that sortation will be managed manually, and general mail backlogs generated will be huge.

The impact of all this is predictable and widespread. There are going to be delays, non-deliveries, additional surcharges, not to mention claims from disgruntled buyers who aren’t receiving what they ordered online!
The Answer
If you’re currently sending small B2C international e-commerce shipments by mail, consider using a non-mail solution that will give your shipment the best chance of avoiding these hazards and arriving on time.
P-trak is our tracked solution – a deferred courier style service that offers our customers the best of both worlds – less expensive than courier but with a level of enhanced track and trace and handling which places it above a standard postal product.
You should consider p-trak for anything larger than a letter and up to a maximum weight of 10 kilos. For more information on

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