We hold a tremendous variety of stock in our warehouse for clients in very different commercial sectors – from DVD’s, to beauty products, health care products, leisurewear, sports equipment, electronic components and food gifts. Through our own waste and recycling protocols we already improve our clients carbon footprint as well as our own, providing recycled and recyclable packaging, baling all our own packaging waste, recycling pallets, IT kit etc according to our environmental policy click here to view

Our stock control system also helps with these efficiencies – particularly for our food gift client as it records all “best before” dates for each product and food component, thus allowing the client to manage re-ordering and re-working of products. As food gifts may not be sold with an expiry date within less than one month of dispatch these items can be identified through the stock system and set to a reserve account.
Recently we made contact with a local Wokingham food bank who were keen to take all food stuffs and we were able to offer the client a “zero waste” option for items that previously had to either be skipped or go to a bio-digestor on a special collection. We now regularly drop boxes of food round to them and they can then offer them to their community.
It’s a “win, win” for everyone!