According to information sourced from SalesCycle, 75.8% of online retail shoppers abandon their purchases after adding them to their cart.

Flight acts as a virtual store (storing stock, order processing, picking, packing and shipping) for many brands of all sizes. Having seen SalesCycle’s report, we set about looking for the leading reasons why this was happening.
Here are 10 top reasons:

  1. The purchase process was too complicated.
  2. The website took too long to load the next page, or it froze.
  3. There was a perceived lack of payment security.
  4. The request for too much personal information or the need to create an account was unattractive.
  5. The item wasn’t going to arrive in time for requirement.
  6. The cost to ship the item was too expensive.
  7. There’s no obvious returns policy in case of issues with received product.
  8. Pop-up ads – There were either too many or it was too annoying.
  9. There was no obvious after sale customer service telephone number available.
  10. The customer simply changed their mind or was just researching costs.