In light of the COVID-19 pandemic we appreciate the necessity to keep supply chains and communications open globally for all our clients. With this in mind and in line with government guidelines we have published our internal “stay safe” strategy which will be shared directly with clients.


Alongside this corporate strategy it is important to underline the fact that currently cargo flights and cross border trade transport links are still operational. Our shipments do not travel on passenger flights and we are able to offer continuing global distribution. Some areas have very specific local delivery restrictions in place and naturally transit times for mail, courier and freight have been extended slightly to allow for local changes. For destination specific delivery or collection information please contact or for art shipments contact

Whether you are working from an office or home address we can arrange deliveries and collections to suit you and our warehouses are accepting 3rd party deliveries and storage for clients – this may be of particular help if you are not based at your usual collective office address. Shipping paperwork and delivery labels can be generated by our system to wherever you are based for you to print and attach.

We will work to continue to support you through these exceptional circumstances.