You need to transport some art and your curator or exhibition organiser has asked that you use a specialist art shipping company that can offer an “air ride” vehicle. What is it and is this necessary?

What is “air ride”?
The short answer is that it forms part of a vehicle’s suspension system and it offers a smoother ride than the traditional metal spring type found on most vehicles. “Air ride” is quite literally a pneumatic air suspension solution made of strong rubber and bags that can be inflated or deflated for each type of road surface and load weight, allowing the vehicle to almost glide on a bumpy road. It also increases the vehicle’ ability to handle right or left-hand turns and heavy breaking.
When is it required?
Air ride is favourable when moving several pieces as part of a show or exhibition. Typically, it’s for big fragile items that can’t go through traditional packing processes which rules out transport by a standard bulk carrier network as it will need specialist handling.
It can be a more expensive solution than standard suspension, so is the cost worth it?
If the cargo is fragile/expensive and is not in bespoke professionally made cases, it’s important that it gets the smoothest ride possible from A to B. The journey is less likely to end in any damaged items this way. Most insurance companies look favourably on artwork travelling via the “air ride” system because of its extra protection qualities. All in all, the safety of your cargo is of high priority and “air ride” offers the safest solution.
All in all, the safety of your cargo is of high priority and “air ride” offers the safest solution.
Our ShipArtTM services
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