As we are heavily involved in issues relating to the post creative stages surrounding art (framing, packaging, transporting, exhibiting, insurance, paperwork/customs issues etc etc) we like to share our knowledge! Here’s the first of many handy tips from our professional teams, this one from our framers for when you’re framing your own work.



When framing your art (surface mounted), why must you put the hanging fixtures on the backboard and not the wooden frame?


To set it away from the wall so the picture can hang flush with the surface.
Step by step – Guide to preparing hanging fixtures

  • The backboard is placed on a clean service and measurements are made for where the rivets are going to be placed.
  • Holes are bored at the two points and a strong rivet is placed in both.
  • The board is turned over and the rivets are secured by using a hammer to flatten the heads.
  • Tape is placed over the exposed metal.


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