Sustainability, recycling and efficient waste management, are hot topics here at Flight Logistics.
With our eco-conscious processes dominating our headlines, (such as plastic free packing, recycling of broken wooden pallets/crates, adherence to the 5 R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Renew, Recycle) – it would come as no surprise that the management of plastic waste is a serious affair here.

The baling process – plastic waste being made ready for recycling

Our sense of responsibility is high and one of the most effective solutions available to help with plastic waste handling is ‘baling’! We collect and store any scraps of plastic. When levels are sufficient, we feed them into our baler which squeezes all the air out from between them and makes a neat cube. This is tied in place put on a pallet and collected for recycling. No landfill!
The fight against plastic waste is in full force, and our staff are fully trained and accountable for its management.