As an art handling company and a team of art enthusiasts we like to keep abreast of the various creative events occurring around the UK and globally. We attend many exhibitions and opening nights and where we can, we like to promote artists and their work on our social channels…
After recent interactions with artist Henry Hussey, we wanted to give him and his show, ‘We Live in the Remains of the Gods’ a bit of a shout out.

Anima Mundi in St Ives | Artist Henry Hussey

About the Event
EXHIBITION DATES: Saturday 2 November – Saturday 7 December
WHERE: Anima Mundi, Street-an-Pol, St Ives, Cornwall, TR26 2DS
Based in the beautiful region of St. Ives, ‘We Live in the Remains of the Gods’ is Hussey’s most ambitious solo exhibition to date and is loaded with archetypical and symbolic, cross cultural, imagery and ritual, which Hussey uses as a way to examine truth and reveal our shared foundations. This search runs deep, as Hussey suggests that it is something we are now lacking as a society. His form of individualism takes the form of sacrifice, which is a central theme to the work.

Work by artist Henry Hussey and inside shots of exhibition

About Henry Hussey
“I have killed Henry over and over again, because the only way to grow as a person is being willing to sacrifice what you hold dear and identify with, to eliminate the qualities which over time get in the way, stripping the ego in order to progress.”
Hussey is a British artist born in London in 1990 where he still resides. He has been creating deeply personal and emotionally raw artworks for several years, mainly through the paradoxically labored medium of textiles. Whether through a steadily growing vocabulary of quasi-mythological symbols, or in embroidered lines of text extracted from performative situations, he has sought to create expressions of perceived truth in response to aggravating relationships and events from his life.

(Some text above sourced from Henry Hussey’s website and Anima Mundi Press Release)