We work with many online businesses as their “virtual store and distribution” partner. As such we are acutely aware of our industry’s general carbon footprint and whilst we have always implemented a robust corporate social responsibility strategy (SEE HERE), we are about to step it up a level. We have been considering the golden rules of…

Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Renew, Recycle

We now have an implementation plan to further improve our processes and packaging. The plan is driven by our own desire to be an environmentally responsible company and to pass those benefits on to our clients and their clients! The need for improved corporate, communal, and individual responsibility is more urgent than ever, and we are committed to our part in that.

Geami paper wrapping
The next stage being implemented is in our logistics and pick and pack departments. We already recycle all plastic, wood, paper and cardboard with our own baler on site.

Geami paper wrapping…no plastic packing!

Now with the introduction of desktop Geami paper wrapping machines in our warehouse, we intent to reduce plastic use, speed up pick and pack, and ensure that all goods leaving our premises are wrapped and packed in material conforming to the 5 ”Rs”.

If we can help your business achieve the same objectives, please contact us.