Firstly, we’re not talking about a live Panther, we can pack and ship most things, but a wild cat with big teeth can be managed by someone else! What we are talking about is smart packing for a fragile resin Panther.

Custom crating – Richard Orlinski’s resin sculpture “Panther”, packed and ready to ship to Lebanon – with ShipArtTM stamp
Richard Orlinkski Richard Orlinski is a celebrated artist producing intricate animal sculptures. Designing and producing a crate for art such as his, puts a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the craftsman, for this reason only skilled workers produce our packing. As professional packers, our partners prepare appropriate cases for each individual item’s properties such as value, weight, fragility, shape and destination.
Unforeseen accidents can and do happen, but suitable protection means that your artwork or fragile shipment shouldn’t suffer as a result! Although Tri-Wall cases (three layers of corrugated cardboard, lined in foam and anchored at the sides by wooden struts), will provide artwork in transit with a strong lightweight packaging solution, this might not always be the best solution for your artwork. For high value, heavy, very fragile or odd shaped items, bespoke wood crating is the order of the day.
Because our wooden cases are skillfully shaped around the peculiarities of the artwork and extra protection and support added where required, we can be confident that we are offering our clients the safest transportation possible for every item we ship either in the UK or internationally.
Where appropriate, our wooden crates are compliant with ISPM15 regulations (avoids spreading diseases and insects across borders protecting indigenous plants and ecosystems).
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