Which are you most likely to notice, open, scan or read? Another email clogging up your inbox from someone you don’t know? A digital pop-up getting in the way of a webpage? An SMS text coming through to your mobile?… A tangible and noteworthy envelope arriving on your desk addressed to you, with hi res designs, appropriate messaging, and clear calls to action?

With so many marketing channels available these days, your clients are bombarded daily from every angle with emails, telephone calls, social media, search engine advertisements, and mobile SMS texts. Why overlook Direct Mail? It’s a tried-and-tested technique that most businesses are unaware is still top of the list for many marketeers and is measurable, especially when you integrate it with a digital campaign.

According to source ‘ANA/DMA Response Rate Report 2018’, Direct Mail still instigates a response rate of up to nine times greater than solutions such as email, social media or PPC as examples.

How Flight Logistics can help
We offer a full in-house mail and fulfilment service and with no reliance on third parties, the potential for delay or other issues is greatly reduced. Our full logistics solution supports all aspects of a Direct Mail campaign from storage to delivery. For more facts on this service CLICK HERE

“Flights data management and data processing are particularly outstanding and both we and our clients depend on their flexibility, speed and accuracy in this particular field of expertise”.Client testimonial

Our high-speed inkjet printers can personalize envelopes, postcards and self-mailers at a rate of 12,000 per hour with a heated conveyor to quick dry the addresses flying through!

Inkjet Printing

Inserting Mail into Envelopes

If your mailing isn’t machinable (overweight, unusual size or dimensions, nonstandard paper inserts) we offer a hand fulfilment service perfect for promotional marketing exercises.

By leveraging Direct Mail appropriately, you achieve a variety of achievements, including:

  • Effective targeting
  • Arguably the most trusted form of introduction
  • It’s tangible, and is more likely to remain visible and accessible than digital formats
  • Due to the ability to include high resolution content, it can be more persuasive
  • Better response rate than other options

If you have any questions or you’d like to speak with Flight about your marketing options, contact us.