“Life savers” isn’t a term that immediately springs to mind when you think about couriers, nor a safeguard against identity theft. In fact, couriers seem to get quite a lot of bad press, and like estate agencies, courier companies are often cast as the bad guys. Flight Logistics is here to stand up and wave the flag of fair justice. You only have to visit our client testimonial page  to see that we can take this stance.

There’s more to us than just a safe pair of hands for everyday deliveries. We have our tracking services, trained drivers, and vetted procedures yes, but that’s not all, we could be part of the reason why you receive the medical attention you so vitally need.


Healthcare support

We provide a service that supports the medical profession – from delivering items required to help advance science, to delivering samples and organs necessary for procedures. For example, we’ve hand delivered bone marrow from the UK to a location in Turkey for a lifesaving operation, no room for a late delivery! We’ve even imported brains of executed prisoners from California to the UK for research purposes. Furthermore, we’ve shipped:

  • Hi-tech research medical equipment, including medical diagnostic imaging products, and scientific equipment for medical research, analysis and dispensing.
  • Blood and tissue samples for analysis all over the world to help advance science.
  • Testing kits for sleep analysis projects.
  • Veterinary and pet health products.
  • Eye health products.
  • Highly sensitive and private documents for healthcare communications and medical education. Subjects include monoclonal antibodies, recombinant DNA, regulatory affairs.


Prevention against identity and information theft – Flight Logistics a better solution

In today’s age of instant communication solutions, sending information via the internet or email may seem like the obvious choice compared to a courier which may be perceived as an old-fashioned and slow option. But in a world where online identity theft and leaked documents are common occurrences, Flight logistics offers a safe pair of hands and peace of mind for those highly sensitive documents. We provide a hand to hand shipping supported by a tracked and signed for service. If your package is intended for one set of eyes only, we’ll get it to them and provide proof of delivery.

There’s more to Flight Logistics

Flight Logistics isn’t exactly cast from the standard mould. We mix it up a bit, and we can do this because at our core is a set of specialised and vetted procedures and services that allows us to branch out into a number of different, specialised, exciting, and yes, lifesaving areas. We even ship artwork globally for world renowned artists and galleries, but that’s another story.