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Flight Logistics Group Ltd

Client Testimonials

From: Angie Parker – Angie Parker Textiles

Sent: 20/01/2021 Instagram/Twitter

“Thanks for super speedy, safe & stylish service as always @flightlg …”

From: Dr Clare Lanyon (On BBC2’s Inside the Factory series 6 – Socks)

Sent: 17/01/2020

“I’m the scientist who received the socks and I have to commend you guys on an amazing courier service.”

From: Bloc (Eyewear)

Sent: 23/12/2020

“I just wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Its been a difficult 2020 and we very much appreciate all the help and support that every single one at Flight Logistics have given us in the last 12 months.”

From: Perivan

Sent: 24/12/2020

“Appreciate the efforts of the team to keep everything going which is quite remarkable given all the trials & tribulations.”


“I would like to wish you a Great Christmas and again for all your hard work during this year, not sure where we would be without you guys.”

From: Shaun Davin

Sent: 04/01/2021

“Massive Thanks to Flight Logistics for getting this piece to me in the midst of flight lockdowns with the UK. Incredible service”


“Thanks @flightlg1 for getting my piece delivered before Christmas despite the ongoing travel chaos … A1 guys … Much appreciated”

Shaun Davin

From: – Natasha Kumar – Artist

Sent: 04/01/21

“… a huge thank you @flightlg1 for a number of ‘Christmas miracles’…”

Natasha Kumar

From: Value Retail Management (Bicester Village) Ltd

Sent: 02/11/2020

I just want to say a huge thank you for all of your help today.

I know sometimes we are a very demanding customer but it is genuinely appreciated – you have saved us today so genuinely, thank you

Kind Regards

From: Simon Butler – Migrate Art

Sent: 26/10/2020

“I am so happy to let you know that we had a very successful sale on Friday and raised £262,700!! This money will go to help thousands and thousands of people all across the world.

We really couldn’t have done it without you guys- it has been such a pleasure to work with you on this. We can’t express how grateful we are to have Flight’s support.

Have a wonderful week and hope to be able to catch up in person soon,

From: Iain Squire BSc MBChB FRCP MD FESC – Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine University of Leicester

Sent: 19 August 2020

Its exceptional to have such responsive on-line interaction with a courier.

All delivered successfully. Many thanks for your help on this, I am impressed.

From: Nick O’Halloran – CFO, Maxwell Forest
Sent: 13 August 2020

Simon is our freight guy for England and Europe, lovely man. Today we did a demo of the product and Simon very generously has offered to share Contact Harald with his social and business audience.

Once again Simon this is a very generous offer and thank you.

From: Elizabeth Tooth
Sent: 17 July 2020
Subject: Thank you – ShipArt™ vehicle number 15

Firstly I want to say thanks to you all, and Steve Moxon-Riedlin in particular, for making moving my work around the world an absolute pleasure over the years. I also want to add that I was THRILLED to hear about this opportunity because I had seen your vehicle wraps online recently and secretly LONGED to have my work on one of them too!

From: Simon Schmitz
Sent: 28 April 2020 13:57
To: Steve Moxon-Riedlin
Subject: Thank you!

Dear Steve,

just wanted to say thank you: the painting arrived yesterday. The whole process was as I expected from FL: very very awesome! The packaging of my artwork was perfect.

You guys showed me again that there is no better art shipment company on the market. I will definitely use FL again and will highly recommend your services.

Thanks again and have a good day,


Thanks for all your help during these difficult times, you and your team have just been great,

A pallet of folders should be with you (Wokingham) tomorrow via our driver

Job number is 255089

Again thank you for your support

Ken Dellow | Commercial Manager | Perivan Financial

From: Easy Action Sales
Sent: 02 April 2020 16:58
To: Andrew Page
Cc: Easyaction
Subject: RE: SG004 received

Could you pop a couple in the post to me at the chapel along with the 1 remaining OLD tv smith anthology and a new TV smith anthology pls ?

Yeah you guys keep safe too ! the nation of bolan & easy action customers are relying on you !

Thank you everyone its really appreciated. From not only down here in quiet quaint Cornwall but all over the globe !

Easy Action

From: Nikki Maine
Sent: 27 March 2020 10:38
To: Bruce Weston ; Mike Price
Cc: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Collection for Monday

Lovely, thank you (Sian’s received too). And a huge thank you to all of you there and all your drivers for keeping going and helping us to make do in trying times 😊