As our ShipArt services and client base has continued to grow throughout 2015 the diversity, shape, size and medium of the art work we move has increased exponentially. Just three years ago the art we were moving was largely limited to basic rolled pieces in tubes or standard framed items. These days it is not uncommon to move walls, ceramic sculptures, gravity defying cast pieces, stone, three-demensional wall art, oversized canvasses (and we mean oversized – three or four meters long in some instances!) as well as the more standard pieces. We are no longer solely expediting single pieces for private buyers but entire collections for curators, galleries, buyers and sellers alike! The second half of 2015 has seen a particular increase in the movement of entire exhibitions – to and from the UK, across the USA and around Europe, the Middle East and Far East – this has placed particular demands on our bespoke packing services and case makers alike whilst our export specialists have got to grips with the demands of Global Customs requirements, carnets, EORI and VAT unique to each and every international movement in and out of the UK and across continents. Plans for 2016 exhibitions and shows are already underway as it can take months to curate a show before the export process even begins. Watch this space and follow us on twitter – 2016 holds great promise as art moves from strength to strength!