The challenge is to adapt to ever changing client expectation across the “internet of things” – billions of globally connected products and devices gathering more accurate and improved consumer data. Effective use of this data combined with effective and engaging connectivity will enable forward thinking businesses to thrive whilst others flounder….

Plenty of new catch words and phrases in use – “silo mentality”, “gamification”, the “millennial generation” “omni-channel”!

We know what we do well currently  but we need to look at how we plan to meet and exceed the future demands of exceptional customer service , how we will deal with new technology drivers, run multiple communication tools across a single data platform as well as actually delivering parcels!

We know what we don’t do well – we know we have “silos” ie – teams working independently of each other which is less effective. Consistency of approach to customer service at every level in the business is not just desirable it is critical.

#nationalcustomerservice week