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Flight Logistics Group Ltd

E Commerce

B2C Seamlessly


  • Import clearance services for container loads, trailer loads or airfreight shipments.
  • Container and trailer unloading facility.
  • Inbound stock audit and barcoding when required.
  • Dedicated stock management team.
  • Full range of packaging materials and cartons supplied.
  • Extensive range of distribution channels.


  • We create common system interfaces for the communication of order processing.
  • Recognised users of Amazon Vendor Central, Kewill, WASP and other on-line retailers.
  • Fully web enabled, we are your virtual shop and dispatch department.
  • Barcode scanning ensures accurate order picking.
  • Stock levels automatically adjusted on Inventory Management System.


  • One size does not fit all! You deserve bespoke proposals and solutions appropriate to your unique requirements.
  • Through our collaborative approach the right services, cost structures and support mechanisms will maximise your market impact.
  • Full reporting suites are available so that you can manage costs, work flows and stock flows so you can plan your ongoing purchasing decisions on real data.