Our series of #FeatureFriday articles introduces interesting artists and art forms to our online audiences. We are overjoyed to now include and introduce talented artist Sonya Wilkins to this series.

We first met Sonya at the Art in Clay 2023 exhibition held at the Farnham Maltings, Surrey and we are delighted to now include her in our Feature Friday series.

About Sonya and her work
Sonya, who recently gained her Masters in Fine Art Ceramics from Bath Spa University, creates ceramic vessels not merely for aesthetic purposes but also as catalysts for well-being. Drawing on her dual expertise as a Master Potter and Reiki Master Teacher, she works to infuse universal life force energy from nature into the clay, shaping practical pieces that serve as tools for contemplation and meditation as well as stunning pieces for our living spaces.

Images sourced from Sonya Wilkins’s Instagram account

Her Reiki qualifications enable her to advance the clay to higher frequencies of energy, turning each vessel into a conduit for a deep connection with nature, allowing us to experience resonant energies through Quantum Healing. Sonya is keen to emphasise that these vessels are not substitutes for the outdoors, however they are great opportunities for intimate connections with nature whilst indoors.

Sonya enjoys foraging wild clays and combining them with commercials clays in her vessels. At first this seems a little at odds with her ethos, but as she rightly argues “they all exist in our world and hence have purpose”.

Where can Sonya’s work be seen?

Thrown Winter Exhibition (online)

Galleries & Retail
Old Court House Gallery
Wildwoods Arts Gallery
A2 Gallery
Sculpture By The Lakes
Leaf Creative

Website: https://ceramicsinspiredbynature.com/sonya-wilkins-ceramics/
Instagram: @sonyawilkinsceramics
Facebook: Sonya Wilkins Ceramics ‘Translating The Healing Power Of Nature’
Pinterest: sonyawilkinsceramics