Our client Counter Culture is a company dedicated to offering ethical and sustainable beauty products made and supplied by boutique brands through their online store. They rely on Flight’s ability to not only support their business requirements but also to align with their brand’s ethos and goals. In an industry often criticized for its environmental impact, we strive to minimize and mitigate our carbon footprint. By optimising shipping routes and implementing sustainable practices both companies contribute to a more environmentally conscious approach to retail logistics.

Event support
Event support services are a key element of our ecommerce offering extending beyond the warehouse environment. With the start of the ‘Stylist Magazine LIVE 2023’ event at The Truman Brewery just round the corner Flight Logistics’ warehouse staff have been collating stock and promotional items ordered by Counter Culture for the event in London and combining them with exhibition stand media for the event. After one final check was made everything was packaged into outer boxes and delivered on a dedicated vehicle by our own driver to the venue. The stock arrived in style at the Truman Brewery in our Natasha Kumar No.9 art van, part of our Vehicle Wrap Public Art Program. Following the event closure on Sunday evening we will send in a dedicated vehicle to collect exhibition equipment and any remaining stock for return to our warehouse on Monday.

“An awesome job by the team at Flight Logistics Group Ltd. who are pivotal to our entire operation.” – Counter Culture

E-commerce support
Flight also manages Counter Culture’s order processing requirements for items sold on their online store www.counterculturestore.co.uk. The carefully planned collaboration (which includes IT integration) has resulted in a user-friendly and reliable online shopping experience for Counter Culture’s customers. With Flight handling the complexities of – order fulfilment, international and national courier service, and returns – we ensure that their products reach customers on time and well packaged. Our advanced tracking systems provide real-time visibility into the movement of goods, allowing for better planning and customer communication.

We are currently upgrading and future proofing our Warehouse Management System (WMS) technology which will benefit Counter Culture with further streamlining the pick and pack process from order processing to delivery.

E-commerce solutions – Some of the key advantages that Counter Culture enjoy:

  • Web based inventory control system with full on-line reporting function enables efficient stock management, analysis, and forecasting.
  • All size of e-tailer accounts accommodated – from the single pallet 5 SKU start-up to the 500 pallet multi-platform seller – we give you the support and space to focus on growing your business.
  • Inbound stock auditing and barcoding.
  • Versatile order processing – from excel/csv file import to Shopify, Amazon, Kewill, Wasp and other retail platform integration.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging sourced and supplied.
  • Multiple ex-warehouse delivery options tailored to commodity, value, and destination.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding e-Commerce support – crm@flightlg.com