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This week we are delighted to introduce Pembrokeshire based artist Tom Shepherd who not only produces his own exquisite paintings but is also a highly regarded tutor (both on and offline), and fundraiser for his beloved wildlife.

Tom’s work is widely collected both here in the UK and internationally. He has been a highly praised finalist in the world-renowned Wildlife Artist of the Year, on several occasions and we have no doubt that in the coming years we will be celebrating his win.

(Sourced from www.tomshepherdart.com)

About Tom Shepherd and his Art
At an early stage in life, Tom knew he possessed an interest in both animals and art. He began by producing hand drawn graffiti art on musical instruments before progressing to more traditional mediums.

Today he paints a variety of subjects in oils and watercolours including people, land & seascapes, still life, birds, and animals, however it is the latter two where Tom’s passions mainly lie, and where he is ultimately perhaps best known.

(Sourced from www.tomshepherdart.com)

His particular style of art captures an unbelievably realistic moment in the life of his subjects. The art purposely isn’t highly detailed and that’s perhaps part of the magic. Tom leaves well placed gaps in the paint allowing the white of the page to become heavy light reflecting off his surfaces and creates softer areas of light by adding more water to the paint (I’ve been watching his YouTube tutorials). In addition, his well worked colours and shadows create depth and movement to the extent that personalities and environments come to life. One can sense the heavy sway of the elephant’s body, the twitching and delicate structures of a small bird, the power and focus of a lion, or the torpedo like abilities of a cheetah.

Tom’s animals evoke emotion, and the viewer is transported to their world and their moment in time.


Fund Raising for Wildlife
Tom’s interest in animals goes beyond the art, he also deeply cares for their wellbeing. Whenever possible he likes to combine his work with conservation efforts close to his heart (such as Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust). Tom donates a portion of his sales each year and helps raise multiple thousands of pounds for these causes.

Art Tutor
Tom has also become a highly regarded, and much sought after tutor. As well as running his own workshops, he travels all over the UK teaching and demonstration for Art Groups & Societies.  He also leads painting holidays in beautiful rural France.

Where can Tom’s work be seen?

Tom’s Website: www.tomshepherdart.com
Shop: www.tomshepherdart.com/shop
School of watercolours: schoolofwatercolour.co.uk/
Instagram: @tomshepherdartist
Facebook: Tom Shepherd Art
YouTube: Tom Shepherd Art

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