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Talented seascape artists can evoke emotions through their artwork. They can capture the mood of the sea, whether it’ the calmness of a serene morning or the power and drama of crashing waves during a storm. One such artist is Aly Murray from Devon, and we are delighted to introduce her and her artwork in this week’s ShipArtTM Feature Friday.

Beach End and Last Light (sourced from www.alymurray.co.uk)

About Aly Murray
With frequent trips to the surrounding Devonshire coastline, Aly’s aim is to project the wonders of her unspoiled surroundings through her paintings.

Burning Sky, Secret Beach, Formations, and Storm Approaching (sourced from www.alymurray.co.uk)

It is not hard to tell when looking at her work that she possesses a combination of artistic skills, creativity, and a deep understanding of the natural elements and characteristics of the sea and sky. Her finished large format paintings are visually captivating and entice the viewer to stop and take time to gaze at the scene. With the perceived movement of water, the shapes of the waves, the interplay of light on the water’s surface and in the skies, one can almost be there such is the authenticity of her work.

Reflection and Stormy Berneray (sourced from www.alymurray.co.uk)

Yet Aly is humble about her abilities as an artist, like many talented creatives, she is not aware just how good she is, but then it’s us the onlookers of her work that decide, and we are very happy to say that we are a fan of Aly Murray’s engaging and dynamic paintings.

Where can Aly’s work be seen?
Aly’s work can be found in private collections and on sale at Lantic Gallery in Tiverton Devon.

Aly’s Website: www.alymurray.co.uk
Lantic Gallery website: www.lanticgallery.co.uk
Instagram: alymurrayart
Facebook: AlyMurray

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