We are looking forward to attending friend and client KV Duong’s thought provoking art exhibition titled – No Place Like Home (A Vietnamese Exhibition) Part II – which will be on at Museum of The Home, London from 19th April – 11th July 2023.
Voted number 6 in London IST’s Top 10 Exhibitions to See in London, the exhibition (which has been co-curated and led by KV Duong and Hoa Dung Clerget), features a group of Vietnamese diasporic artists presenting works about the theme of home through the Vietnamese cultural lens.
The immersive occasion will feature a range of events outlined below:
Launch – Wednesday 19th April 2023, 6 – 9pm
Gathering and celebration of the exhibition
Workshop – Saturday 13th May 2023, 1 – 4pm
Group photography, nail parlour, and children’s games
Panel Discussion – Tuesday 6th June 2023, 6 – 8pm
Critical insights from the curators, member of the An Viet Archive
steering committee, scholar Annabelle Wilkins, and psychoanalyst (TBC)
Performances – Saturday 24th June 2023, 1 – 4pm
Contemporary dance performance commission plus individual
artist performances from the wider Southeast Asian community
Closing – Tuesday 11th July 2023, 6 – 8pm
One last celebration then informal meal at local Vietnamese
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