Flight Logistics continually focuses on, and invests in products, technologies and processes that help our company, our clients, and their clients to successfully deliver on corporate, social, and environmental responsibilities.
Here’s an update on two partnerships in particular:
We’ve recently appointed a new eco–friendly commercial cleaning service
Being fully aware that many cleaning products can be harmful to both the environment and the health of our staff and visitors, we are enormously pleased to announce that we have invited Reflections Cleaning Services to look after our Wokingham office. Reflections Cleaning Services use market leading equipment and eco-friendly supplies from Delphis and are SafeContractor approved.
Suez Group Waste treatment and disposal – Sustainability report
Suez helps us with a waste collection service where local companies can’t help. They have developed a solution that improves the identification, separation, and preparation of materials in order to optimise their reuse. Items that cannot be recycled are managed in an eco-friendly manner.
In a recently received sustainability report they highlighted that they diverted 6,675M tonnes of waste (88%) from landfill through reuse, recycling and recovery. The full report can be found HERE
We continue to source and partner with companies that can help us achieve our net zero target.