Contemporary British artist Dan Rawlings currently lives and works in Gloucestershire. He is best known for his sophisticated hand cut metal sculptures that he creates from a mix of unwanted and unloved objects including vehicles, planes, saws, petrol pumps, silos, fire extinguishers, and plenty of road signs. After the cut outs have been made, beautifully shaped trees and plants are left, intricate detail is added using specialised tools. When on display Dan often uses lighting and shadows to add emphasise to the shape and to create an ambience.
Dan’s work is influenced by environmental concerns. As described on his website, a “sympathy for unloved and forgotten relics and a fascination with nature’s resilience have inspired him to create visions of a world where man’s impact is being slowly reclaimed by nature.”
One of our favourite projects which used the wreckage of a van, was Dan’s Chelsea Flower show piece for Saatchi Gallery




Imagery from Dan Rawling’s website and Instagram
Where can Dan Rawling’s work be seen?
There’s a show currently at La Vallee in Brussels. Dan has also told us that he is also showing many new pieces at the Urban Art Fair in Paris next month with Galerie Openspace.
For more information, images of previous work, details of collections, and exhibitions, see below.
Instagram: @danrawlings64
Facebook: @danrawlingsart
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