As we provide professional packaging as a service, we always keep an eye out for the best materials for the job. There are three main criteria that we look to achieve, (a) adequate protection of goods, (b) light weight to keep shipping costs down, and (c) must be environmentally safe.
With our aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030 we have identified areas to improve on. Within our plan we have included the way will fill the void spaces within the boxes and crates we ship.
We currently have honeycomb cardboard and paper options, but we are also investigating another biodegradable option, loose-fill chips that are made from corn starch, water, and natural food colouring.
Check out our timelapse video below showing what happens when these chips meet water.

There are obvious environmental benefits to this option, and because it is easy to produce and the raw materials needed to make it are cheap, supply chains have become increasingly aware of its suitability. As it becomes more mainstream, costs to buy it will come down further.
Looks to be a good option for the environment, us, and our clients … we shall see.