One of our members of staff works with the Besom charity in Egham, so it’s very fitting that we have chosen them as the sixth charity to donate to this Christmas in place of cards to clients. What better way to thank them for their custom over the year. We have recently posted articles on the other 5 charities donated to. They were east to west | Blonde Angel Street Team | First Day Children’s Charity | Art Refuge | HART Wildlife Rescue

About The Besom
The focus is on those who have something to give, and are looking for a way to do so. Besom encourages involved giving out of a sense of love, as opposed to duty, and offers people the opportunity to think creatively about how they would like to give.
It provides a bridge between those who want to give time, things, money, skills, and those in need for any number of reasons.

Visit their website HERE for more. Those of you who have visited our Heathrow depot may recognise a face.