Meet Mathias Chirombo – selected artist for Flight’s next ShipArt ArtOnWheels vehicle, number 15. Originally from Zimbabwe and now resident in South Africa, represented overseas by Undiscovered Canvas.

Video of artist and his work

Our selection panel chose Mathias’s art as it met all the criteria laid out in our open artists invitation. The piece has stunning colour,depth, tone and texture – making it visually arresting in the first instance – with only 60 seconds on average to make an impact striking aesthetic appeal is a must ! The visuals are backed up by a strong narrative particularly pertinent in 2020 – relateable across cultures, gender, age and race – a great image and message to be carried far and wide on ShipArt vehicle number 15 !.
About the artist
As an artist born in a family of Shona culture, Mathias’s work is influenced by spirit mediumship and customs. He seeks to explore this through dreams which are a rich source of inspiration for his art making, using spirituality and emotions to direct him in the search for meaning and guidance, to a space where dreams are a reality and reality is shaped by dreams. Mathias’s work reflects the need to learn from our ancestors and treat our natural surroundings with respect and a deep sense of awareness.
Only a few weeks now until we reveal the new vehicle – join us on our social media platforms for more !