Part three of our mini-series of packing art from start to finish involves packing large and multiple items ready for shipping.

Successfully delivering undamaged art on time is of course the main aim for an organisation like ours, but achieving this is not just down to the shipping method or the materials used for packing, it’s also down to an understanding of the orientation a particular shipment needs to travel in, in order to keep it safe from harm.

In the case of large flat items that mustn’t be stacked on, or that can be damaged if laid down, an A-frame plywood crate is the best choice as it keeps the shipment upright or at a particular angle during transit.

Over the weeks we have been sharing videos involving different types of art packing available from tri-wall cases to large plywood A-framed crates. Each video offers a guide for how each is prepared.

Robust and appropriate art packing is critical for insurance cover and the safety of your precious art investment – for more information on our packing services click HERE