And working it! Our latest ecommerce partnership project sums up the past 6 months nicely “Don’t Let COVID-19 Interrupt Your Business Operation!”

We have always maintained a policy of creating and maintaining a client base across diverse business sectors through our multiple logistics solutions – resulting in reducing risk and dependence on any one particular client sector or business activity. Lock-down naturally impacted on some sectors more than others and whilst some struggled many thrived. Being in a position to maintain service levels whilst following safe working protocols meant we were able to support clients and keep their businesses active and trading as well as improve strategic partnerships and develop new ones – the entrepreneurial spirit we foster internally attracted the same values externally.
There is no doubt it has been and continues to be tiring and tough – thinking on ones proverbial feet, keeping up with legislation, seeking opportunities, daring to look ahead and strategise positively requires relentless effort – at every level of our organisation from all our colleagues, but…it leads to positive partnering solutions!
In this instance we are investigating the viability of contact tracing for businesses with an existing client who has found their own niche – can’t say more than that at the moment but watch this space!