The wait is over, it’s done it’s ready and it’s out on the streets! Flight Logistics – ShipArt™ #ArtOnWheels vehicle number nine is turning heads as it goes about its business shipping artwork across the UK.

Artist Natasha Kumar is now giving you the opportunity of winning a signed, limited edition print from the “Great India Collection” – To be in it to win it, just follow the directions below:


It’s easy, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Take a picture of the vehicle
  2. Follow artist Natasha Kumar on one or both of the following:
    Instagram – @natashakumarart
    Facebook – @natashakumarart
  3. Upload the picture to one of the above and add #followthatvan and #getcarriedawaybyart in your post

For more information visit Natasha Kumar’s website here
About Natasha Kumar and Great India collection

Natasha Kumar ShipArt ArtOnWheels vehicle No. 9 – and artwork being applied by Joyce Design Ltd Vehicle

Oil painting, watercolour, pastel, monotype, woodcut, etching, screenprint and lithograph are all techniques Natasha Kumar has studied and specialised in for 25+ years.

…Love of colour and street life lie behind her recent decision to create a triptych of lorry portraits. Not an obvious choice of subject matter at first, you might think. But in India every flat surface is a potential canvas, she says. If it stays still long enough to be painted on, it will be, with a mesmerising mix of folk art and cultural messaging. Lorries are the plus-size epitome of that, a visual cacophony in technicolour trundling across the subcontinent.

Natasha Kumar is a successful British-Indian artist producing work focused on India, its people and architecture. She has an extensive following among UK Indophiles, and among discerning collectors worldwide.

About Flight Logistics – ShipArt™ ArtOnWheels 

Major players in the world of global art handling, Flight Logistics – ShipArt™ actively work with renowned artists to help make art accessible to all by literally bringing it to social environments through their ArtOnWheels fleet of vehicles, introducing art to audiences that may never have stepped inside a gallery or art fair.

ShipArt™ ArtOnWheels vehicle series including D*Face, Dan Kitchener, SNIK, Jim Starr, The London Police, Adelaide Damoah and now, Natasha Kumar


Keep an eye out as you go about your business, and please do take a photo and post it on line, we’ll watch out for it!