Challenging delivery requests (such as getting a pair of fragile baboons or a full quota of exhibition paraphernalia) safely to the other side of the world, require an experienced logistics company with highly skilled and trained staff, bespoke fragile services and a global network of local and dependable partners. At Flight Logistics we don’t just provide delivery solutions for the more mundane mail and parcels, but as an expert global logistics company we thrive on “challenging and complex” requests.


We are in demand because we can and do provide effective end to end solutions for highly specific deliveries globally. That’s why we’re first choice.


If you’re looking for local, national, or international shipping requirements to deliver on the above, you need a credible logistics company offering a range of services and delivery solutions. We understand how international shipping markets operate and are constantly monitoring and exploring new opportunities and benefits to enhance our offering.


Our range of services are entirely unique, extensive and managed in-house

They include but are not limited to the following:


Fragile handling services


Courier Services

  • Multi-modal distribution solutions, UK and international courier services, to dedicated hand carry.
  • UK Next Day
  • UK Next Day Timed delivery
  • UK Same Day
  • International Courier Export and Import
  • European Direct and Same Day
  • International Integrated


Freight services for larger and multipiece consignments


Marketing support

  • Mail and fulfilment
  • Address data suppression, validation and cleaning.
  • Laser, ink-jet and variable data digital personalisation.
  • In house fulfilment and collation by hand or machine.
  • In-house storage and collation of collateral, POS material and promotional packs.
  • Web-based inventory management system providing full access to every activity undertaken for you.
  • Direct postal contracts with Royal Mail and the leading global postal providers.


Through exercising the old proverb of “thinking outside the box”, we succeed in supporting our clients with their complex and fragile shipping remits.