We are always interested in how people buy and sell art. Do artists and galleries get more interest and better sales at fairs or in a gallery? Does one drive footfall to the other? Do you simply get a different type of buyer at a fair rather than a gallery? Do you get a lot of viewings at fairs but not many sales? And where does e-commerce enter into things and how successful are online art shops, what makes one succeed over another?

Over the coming months we are going to run a series of articles featuring responses from the art sector both buyers and sellers. The aim is to offer our art community insights that may inspire new ideas or simply offer useful sector views.

Our first contributor is Natasha Kumar, (a successful artist who has a dedicated and growing following of collectors worldwide), offering her thoughts on attending and selling through art fairs and galleries. Natasha believes in personal interaction with her collectors “telling the story, is so important and gives depth”, so you will always find her chatting on the stands at Art Fairs and exhibitions.

Read Natasha’s very enlightening response to be posted on our social channels on 03/12/18. Follow us on any of the following – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, to see this and further articles.