No organisation wants the negative publicity a damaged item can bring when delivered to its eagerly awaiting recipient. Yet in some cases, packing seems to be low down in an organisation’s priority list until they experience the reaction of disgruntled customers and face the additional consequences of their oversight.

The wrong way to package


The right way to package – Here’s how Flight Logistics would package the same product:

From a customer’s perspective, a wonderful item bought at the right price from a highly sort after brand means nothing at all if their item arrives damaged which can give a sense of poor quality and care. From an organisation’s perspective, all the effort and costs that go into producing must have products, promoting them, building an all singing all dancing e-commerce website to sell them, will also be futile if their products aren’t sufficiently protected.
When packing fails to protect an item, it usually leads to:

  • unhappy customers and the potential of losing them for repeat orders
  • warnings to friends, family and social media followers not to use the organisation
  • damage to brand value
  • a return, and processing returns is a cost for retailers. See our articles on returns HERE


Flight Logistics works as a seamless extension of your business and takes a proactive approach to strengthening your brand value. We will support your customer relationships with prompt reporting and accountability – particularly if things go wrong – and just occasionally they do  – that’s the real test of any suppliers commitment!


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