The following will help you find the right courier service for your bespoke requirements and those of your clients.

  • The performance of your courier partner can have a marked effect on your brand value

    Do your homework thoroughly before you decide on who to go with to manage your collections and deliveries. What you want is a company that will represent you and manage your deliveries as if they were an extension of your business


  • Is it all about price?

    If you’re after lower costs than you’re currently experiencing, then you’ll find it, but it may not be in your best interest and it may not provide the best financial outcome at the end of the year. You get what you pay for and so will your customers. By cutting on cost, you’ll be cutting on the level of service received. This means a dumbing down of tracking ability, customer service, communications, and quality. Pay a little extra and choose the right courier service, you can enhance the shipping experience for your customers which is likely to boost your sales, reputation and overall growth.


  • Big is not necessarily best

    When choosing a courier, you may have a Goldilocks dilemma on choosing the right size. Too big and you’re often just a number and subject to slow communications, unsympathetic tariffs, being practically invisible and with nobody in authority fighting your corner. Too small and they may not have the network or infrastructure to cope with your requirements. Somewhere in the middle and you can get all the good stuff such as being made to feel like a valued client, good communications, a global delivery network, and they are also more likely to be open to discuss costs and solutions that fit your budget and future plans.


  • Tracking

    There are various levels of parcel tracking options, make sure the one being offered to you is appropriate.



  • Customer Service and communications

    Ultimately, the importance of customer service cannot be understated. A good team will look after you and your deliveries as well as deal with recipient issues on your behalf. Having the phone answered in less than four rings is going to brighten your day up if you have an urgent matter.


  • Research and reputation

    Obviously, there are some online checks you can perform to be sure of a company’s ability and reputation. Testimonials on the company website will tend to give you the good news, and if there are any negative reviews, they’re more likely to turn up on social media networks. As a final check ask for references.


“Please can you thank everyone at Flight Logistics and the gentleman who collected and delivered the packages – the service has been exceptional” – Tigress Productions