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Hello Simon,

Yes your guys did a brilliant job, when we first starting doing this for Gavin it was 25 titles, then it went up to 50 last year and then 75 this year plus all the other non-media titles he does, from our side once we make the booking it should be a relatively simple job, you ask the magazine, when, where and how many, that shouldn’t be that difficult really but the volume of them who can’t get that right is staggering, then we have the check everything and unlike if we are late with an ad where we just send a PDF by email but it’s very difficult to rectify 20,000 inserts if we have the wrong date on the list and have given it to you.

A couple of the magazines have been late mailing them out, only by a few days but you come to expect that with some of the less well organised publishers, suffice to say thank you, hope you get the business next year and I think given all of that Mr.Ucko must be very happy.

All the best


DWS Advertising

Amazon Milan

Dear All,

I would like to thank you all for your efforts and input in dispatching and sending the goods to Milan at such short notice.

I have received a lovely email thanking us for a perfect delivery.

Thank you again.

Kind regards, 

Fiona Sheehan




Top Notch Customer Service = Teamwork

From: Robyn Brook
Sent: 27 October 2017 18:21
To: Mike Price
Cc: Customer Service
Subject: RE: Package from Belgium

Hi Mike,

Please can you thank everyone at Flight Logistics and the gentleman who collected and delivered the packages to Tigress (sorry I didn’t get his name), the service has been exceptional and our client, who is sending incredibly precious materials, has been very comfortable leaving them in the hands of Flight Logistics staff.

Huge thank you to you all!

All the best,



Robyn Brook | Archive Researcher

Tigress Productions

We do lots of things really well….

This job involved merging and matching 17 data files twice, creating specialist financial print templates, printing, hand matching 10,000 personalised items, enclosing sensitive financial documents for shareholders – working closely with our client for their client !


I would like to thank all of the team on the above project that was over and above the normal that I come to expect from Flight, even after 20 years of working together – you stepped up again!

Fantastic job, still exceeding expectations and meeting new challenges!

Again thank you for all your hard work

Ken Dellow. Perivan Financial, City of London

From: Adil Hassan
Sent: 12 July 2017 09:17
To: Simon Anderson-Edward
Subject: Re: A shipment from order 178331157 is on the way

Well Simon, you’re a star.

Return goods going to be posted into the post box after work today, so hopefully shouldn’t take too long til you receive it.

I just had a quick nip on the website, in terms of color, i guess the black one would be nice for dad.

Believe me, he will rave about it (as he’s a cabby, they talk about anything & everything)

Appreciate it, haven’t come across customer service like this.

I hope you guys continue to grow and make tons of profits & be forever successful!

Sent: 23 June 2017 14:11
To: Mike Price
Cc: Steve Bodie
Subject: Re: Update

Hi Steve,

Just to say everything has been delivered in perfect condition – thank you for making this so straightforward and being so accommodating. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend FL or use again!

Best wishes,


Ben Doostdar

From: Southall, Lucinda
Sent: 28 April 2017 15:25
To: Simon Anderson-Edward
Subject: RE: Just to say Thank you and Good luck!!

Hi Simon,

I have just received the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, thank you ever so much, that’s very kind of you. I feel quite emotional!

I do feel as though I should be thanking you, though. Always ready to provide the speediest of quotes and help me in all manner of distribution requirement… As you say, I hope our paths cross again, if I ever need any logistical assistance in the future you’ll be my first port of call!

You stay safe on that orange ninja!

Thank you again




Never take a long-standing relationship for granted –  the client experience is as important after 10 years as it is after 10 minutes!


From: Reilly Jackie
Sent: 27 April 2017 11:03
To: Mike Price
Cc: Customer Service; Tony Williams

Hi Mike,

Yes, I have passed the good news on.

I would like to thank you for the team effort in ensuring that the target on this delivery was met, Flight never let us down!

Can’t say I won’t ask again, but it is not a usual request, but after many years of working with Colin in Bristol its built that trust and that says a lot – even when I  say to others it will be fine!

I would also like to say thank you to you, you have watched this from start to finish and seen it through – which has been much appreciated.

Kind regards,


Jackie Reilly

BITS/IBGRL Admin Manager

NHS Blood & Transplant

We have been using Flight Logistics services for a number of years, including for the distribution of our monthly academic journal. They have been reliable, flexible and responsive to our needs as a membership organisation and with their global logistics experience, they have been able to provide us with competitive prices for our global distribution requirements.


Sinéad Whelan, Head of Membership – TOPRA.

Not every day we get a “Boom Shakalaka” !

Hi Carolyn,

First off happy new year. Hope it’s been good to you.

It’s super cool you guys are always available and handle everything so well. I tell everyone in the art world through forums that Flight Logistics is the boom shakalaka!!



Fab feedback for ShipArt team…

Good morning Susan,

How are ya doing?

Just wanted to thank you again for all your help and patience with me lol

The show has been a huge success. ..

The opening was packed all night and there has been a steady stream of people into the gallery all week long.

Most of the work consigned to the exhibition for sale has sold… which is amazing considering it was pitched as a collectors shows with selected artists showing work for sale .

There were 2 nice big pieces on the exhibition in the Irish Independent newspaper with a readership of over 900,000 !

I’m not sure where it’s all going to lead but I hope it helps reduce ignite this largely neglected art scene in Ireland .

I managed to get 2 of the Hirst pieces framed up..the 3rd print is enormous and too big and expensive to have framed for the show . ..I will however have it framed up in the future and come up with a new angle to display it in a different show .

As 8 mentioned to you before Susan  this show is a dream for me and to be bring Hirst to an Irish Gallery is unbelievable for me as huge fan ….

Thank you all for everything . …

Very happy with your service .

It made things so much easier dealing with a company who knows how to handle art and deal with people.

I’ll be in touch when the dust settles 😊





Shaun Davin

From: Caroline Wagstaff
Sent: 15 November 2016 19:05
To: Simon Anderson-Edward <simonae@flightlg.com>; Back Bliss <backbliss@flightlg.com>
Subject: Woo Hoo!!!!

Flight Logistics have helped me get this Best Seller Badge!!!!  Thanks everyone!!



Always great to get positive feedback ! And our drivers are cutting edge!

‘Since we have moved all of our shipping demands to Flight Logistics, Steve and Susan have been tireless in their work-rate, helpfulness and unwavering efficiency. Without their diligence, and [regardless of the time or shipment] their constant positivity, we would struggle to meet our growing global supply demands.

As for our account driver and art handler Lee –

Punctuality, politeness and ever the optimist, come rain, storm or snow, Lee has never missed a pick-up and is an example of 1st class service to the highest calibre, impossible to not recommend.”

Thanks guys


Pure Evil Gallery


From: Alexa Pearson
Sent: 27 July 2016 15:15
To: Diana; Steve Moxon-Riedlin
Cc: Susan Howlett
Subject: Diana – Steve/Susan Intro

Diana meet Steve and Susan,

The most badass shippers in town. They ship our neons safely all across the world.

Thanks guys

Love and Light

Alexa Pearson



Lights of Soho


Jul 20, 09:02 EDT

Thank you so much Luke and Robin at Pledge Music, And Simon at Flight Logistics Group Limited! My replacement Signed Rick Wakeman Sheet Music arrived safe-and-sound with no issues! I am very grateful for all of your help and assistance with this! You have all been so wonderful!

Once again, thank you so much! I appreciate it.

Kind regards,

Antin Bendersky
Seaford, NY USA