Delivery of her artwork to the exhibition was successfully handled by Flight Logistics/ShipArtTM, in one of our custom wrapped ArtOnWheels vehicles, which is always driven by an art handling trained driver. Not only is the artwork made secure on board, but every shipment on one of these special vehicles is managed and tracked from initial enquiry through packing (if required), to final delivery.


ShipArtTM ArtOnWheels vehicles are easily recognisable on our streets as they go between artists, fairs, exhibitions, and auctions and if your artwork’s inside one, you know it’s in good hands!

There are seven ShipArtTM ArtOnWheels vehicles currently in our series. Wrapping the vehicles in artwork from outstanding contemporary artists helps them reach audiences in social environments, improving their profile, and broadening their audience. Adelaide Damoah’s work will soon be gracing the eighth, something worth looking out for.


5 extra checks you can perform to be sure you have the right shipper!

When planning the transport of your precious artwork, bear in mind what an expert insurer at Lloyd’s once said, that sixty per cent of all art claims are works in transit. However, there are extra steps other than the usual suspects that you can take to make sure your choice of supplier is a good one. The following will give you further peace of mind:

  • Does the company get involved in the artworld other than their day job, do they have an affinity for their cargo and your audience? A quick look on social media channels will help there. If they are, then you’ll know they value their brand, and therefore your goods!
  • Have the drivers been formally trained to handle art?
  • Ask about their 3rd party set up, if it’s going to a destination which involves another carrier, what fragile service is in place?
  • Look at their client testimonials to find out what their services are really like.
  • Can they actively offer and advise you on shipping, packing, paperwork, and customs issues, and do they have a dedicated customer service team to speak to?