As a company with a strong desire to improve our own eco footprint and encourage others to do the same we and some of our clients are currently supporting an Exeter University Theatre group with their production of “Sea Clearly” . 5 third year drama students have created an immersive theatre experience which will be performed to youth groups at The Boston Tea Party in Exeter on March 28th. The Boston Tea Party has been selected as the venue due to its own sustainable ethos and credentials . The drama group has been provided with set material by us (all our plastic and cardboard packaging is recycled – more of that at a later date!), reusable water bottles by Sky and our client – Ecostrawz  are donating samples of their re-usable and compostable straws. The aim of the immersive conference is to highlight the terrible effect that plastic has in our oceans and the consequences for marine wildlife, through a case study; Myrtle the Turtle. Whilst exploring the harmful effects that irresponsible human plastic usage has the group is exploring the environmentally friendly alternatives to single use, non-biodegradable plastics. The students have also written music and composed a song to accompany the message and you can listen to a sample on YouTube here