Wokingham may not be on everybody’s lips when talking about renowned places of art and culture, but as a resident (one of our offices and warehouses is based there) and as a company that is heavily involved in art, we would like to give our hometown a bit of a shout out.
We have a lively and diverse art scene with cultural groups and a Borough Council that is fully engaged in cultural enhancements, public art, activities, events, and installations and it’s the latter that caught our interest and we wanted to advise our sculptor friends/clients about it.
Currently there is a quest to find an artist to produce a permanent and free-standing landmark piece of art which will sit at the entrance of a multi-million-pound arts and leisure complex called The Carnival Hub which is currently under construction.
The artwork is being managed by a charity called Arts4Wokingham which is part of the Wokingham Art and Culture Alliance. If you are interested, visit their website for more information HERE.