ANNOUNCEMENT: Look what’s just arrived at our Heathrow Head Office. Our recent collaboration with artist Claire Luxton has resulted in our newest art transporter being wrapped in this stunning artwork. It is the 16th and latest member of our #shipart #ArtOnWheels fleet.

Claire Luxton has had quite a year so far and we’re only half way through January! She currently has an art exhibition in L’Occitane’s Regent Street flagship store, and now her art will be seen on the streets of UK and Europe for thousands to see as it goes about collecting and delivering art for years to come.
About No. 16’s wrap
The artwork is called Butterfly Tears 2020. Claire wrote this poem to accompany it:
whispers of forgotten words
said long ago
to hollow minds
fluttering memories
like a translucent nectar
gracing the cheeks of
all she follows
wings of colour and truth
dance in their eyes
like the last winter sunset
at midnight

– Claire Luxton
About our collection
There’s no doubt about it, this is going to turn heads, which is the main aim of our collection. By working with talented artists like Claire Luxton, we can showcase artwork in social environments by actively bringing it to the street for all to enjoy.

We have had the pleasure of working with a number of renowned artists to bring this series together, they have included D*Face, Dan Kitchener, SNIK, Jim Starr, The London Police, Adelaide Damoah, Natasha Kumar, Richard Orlinski, Seaty, Sophie Long, Daivid Aiu, Flight’s own design in celebration of artists in the collection, and Mathias Chirombo.
Keep an eye out for it.