As in previous years we are donating our client Christmas card budget to some seriously deserving causes!
We have been looking at local charitable enterprises for our donations this year and in particular we wanted to support people and families close to our offices who have not been as fortunate as we all have to remain relatively busy and in employment. Thanks to COVID there is a whole new level of need, poverty and mental health issues around us this year as so many more people in regular, paid employment with reliable income have found themselves unexpectedly suddenly joining the queues at food banks, on the streets and/or dependent on additional support which is physically, mentally and emotionally challenging for them and their families.

In Wokingham we have been working since the Summer with one of the local food banks – they in turn this Christmas are supporting First days Children’s Charity – Almost a thousand families have registered asking for help this Christmas and so we are filling stockings for the children of some of these families, currently they need 900 stockings across 5 age groups, local schools etc are also helping. 50 stockings (aka Christmas bags) have been delivered in to us and we will be following the contents lists for the under 2’s and teens (the least supported age groups). We will be encouraging people in the office to help with the filling and get involved – as it’s just as important to raise the awareness of the problem as it is to make the donation.
In Bristol we have 2 charity choices – the first is Blonde Angel Street Team – literally out every night in cars taking supplies out to people living on the streets, they also deliver meals throughout the day, collect clothing and other supplies and work with another charity to refer, access accommodation and access mental health support and alcohol / drug rehabilitation programmes for people on the street. As well as making a financial donation we are also collecting suitable items for them distribute and take them to their drop point in Bristol. They always need either new or good as new warm adult clothing – hats, gloves, scarves, thermals, sweat shirts, hoodies, jumpers, trainers, sturdy shoes / boots, tracksuit trousers and jackets in particular at this time of year – as well as sleeping bags.
The second Bristol based charity is Art Refuge – this is complimentary to the Migrate Art projects we have supported this year already, it is well aligned with our involvement in the art community generally and offers support locally for displaced people. The website is not particularly current due to the pandemic but they do have an active Facebook page as well.
At Heathrow we also have 2 charity choices – East to West – offers support to children, young people and their families in particular struggling with difficult and damaging issues and The Besom – you might spot a familiar face here!
East to West requires simple financial donations but the Besom are collecting food hampers for families in poverty this Christmas – so at the Heathrow office we will be making up and filling hampers for them to distribute and encouraging everyone to take part in the exercise.
And finally we have a small and very local animal charity to make a donation to – HART Wildlife Centre – one of our families volunteer here and they are in desperate need of funds