Part five of our mini-series of packing art from start to finish involves another sculpture. This time, it’s a set of teeth in a purse under a glass dome!!

In the above example, three distinct layers of packing are used. The inner packing consists of acid free paper (to protect the surface), and bubble wrap to cushion and support the item. This is then placed in a foam lined cardboard box filled with 100% recycled and fully reusable loose fill packing chips providing additional shock absorption. These are then placed in a custom built outer shell made of plywood. Premium packing of this caliber gives the sender peace of mind when sending their artwork or fragile goods across the UK and internationally.
Over the weeks we have been sharing videos involving different ways of packing art from tri-wall cases to large plywood A-framed crates. Each video offers a guide for how each is prepared.
Robust and appropriate art packing is critical for insurance cover and the safety of your precious art investment – for more information on our packing services click HERE