Part two of our mini-series of packing art from start to finish involves packing a framed picture with a glass face.

The video above looks at preparing the glass for added protection against “flexing” before being placed in an appropriate outer casing for the intended journey. In this example a tri-wall case (which is made up of 3 layers of corrugated cardboard anchored at the sides by wooden struts) is used to provide a strong, but lightweight packaging solution.
Over the coming weeks we will be sharing more videos involving different types of packing available from tri-wall cases to large plywood A-frames. Each start-to-finish video will take you from preparing artwork for added protection, through to packing into bespoke outer cases/crates based on content type.
Robust and appropriate art packing is critical for insurance cover and the safety of your precious art investment – for more information on our packing services click HERE