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To help individuals understand today’s art marketplace, #sellbuyart is a collection of guest articles written by artists, gallerists, exhibition organisers, online sellers, buyers and collectors. They provide valuable insights into the journeys, experiences and views of others in the art sector based largely on promoting, selling and buying art.

You can be a globally renowned brand selling the most sought-after items in the world, with an exclusive gallery space and an all-singing, all-dancing, diamond-encrusted website, but it could all come tumbling down around your ears if the bit that comes after purchase (customer care and delivery) is not up to scratch. Here The Serpentine Galleries offer some guidance via a case study example.

Guest blog by the Serpentine Galleries – A gallerist’s perspective

About Serpentine Galleries
The Serpentine Galleries are two contemporary art galleries in Kensington Gardens, Hyde Park, Central London comprising the Serpentine Gallery and the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Spanning more than 40 years, they have a long history of publishing artists’ editions, working with artists, architects and designers, who have exhibited as part of the Galleries’ exhibition programmes.

Artwork from the Serpentine Galleries website

Case Study – Damien Hirst Limited Editions – H4
“In 2018, HENI Editions and the Serpentine Galleries announced that four new Damien Hirst limited editions had become available to purchase. Named H4-1 Sans Souci, H4-2 Andromeda, H4-3 Garden of Dreams and H4-4 Cannizaro, there were 300 made available and each edition totalled a run of 75, all numbered and signed by the artist.
By the end of that year, all the editions that were allocated to the Serpentine Galleries had sold out. The Serpentine Galleries, in co-operation with HENI Editions, managed each sale in a personalised and perceptive manner.”
(Not only did the Serpentine successfully accomplish this part of the process, they also considered the buyers’ experience through to the delivery to their front door).
“For the launch of the H4 Damien Hirst limited editions, produced by HENI Editions, the Serpentine Galleries offered collectors the opportunity to assemble a collection of contemporary art at great value, with each sale directly supporting the Galleries’ Exhibition, Architecture, Design, Education and Public Programmes.

A quality logistics solution is essential
A personalised purchase experience is at the forefront of what we do – from enquiry, to purchase, to shipping: we understand that a quality logistics solution is an essential part of our customer’s experience. What we needed was a partner experienced in handling fragile artwork and who could be relied upon to store, manage stock, process orders, (overpack where required), and deliver all 160 valuable editions. With a first-rate long-standing relationship with Flight Logistics – ShipArtTM we knew we could depend on them to support us with this”.
“Flight Logistics – ShipArtTM are such a brilliant team to work with. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with them for the shipping of all of our upcoming and future limited-edition releases!”
Tanya Karina Pragnell Lopez, Editions Sales Manager
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