Calling all artists, collectors, gallerists, agents and curators – let’s talk about “foam replacement”!
This is a really exciting environmentally friendly product that we can fully adapt to use as part of our ShipArtTM art packing services:

COMPOSTA© FOAM from BioViron.
It’s a plant based product – essentially “corn starch” – and is 100% compostable either in your home composter or buried in your garden – no need to source an industrial composter for recycling. It is entirely water soluble and even edible if you’d like to try a bite!
You can view the technical spec here : BioViron COMPOSTA© FOAM Brochure December 2019
In addition to the above benefits, its great strength and memory properties mean that it can actually be re-used or re-purposed over and over again – before you need to consider composting. With 68% less carbon produced than in the production of traditional foams it’s perfect to line our ShipArtTM crates.
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