We’re very excited to announce that the next addition to the ArtOnWheels series, will be wrapped in artwork donated by talented artist Natasha Kumar. Vehicle number 9 will be wrapped and on our roads in a matter of weeks.


Natasha Kumar – Artist


ShipArt™ – ArtOnWheels Fleet

Nobody finds delivery vehicles of any interest what-so-ever, except of course if it’s one of ours.

Through ArtOnWheels, Flight Logistics – ShipArt™ (a major player in the delivery of artwork globally) is actively helping to make art accessible to all. By working with renowned artists like Natasha Kumar, we are able to showcase artwork in social environments by actively bringing it to the street. What could be more accessible (and free!) to the public than a fleet of vehicles sporting the artists imagery whilst on our roads?

Our participating artists love it too. It allows them to reach audiences that don’t traditionally visit galleries or places of art, improving their profile, broadening their audience, whilst overcoming some of the traditional preconceptions of art being “exclusive”.

Current ShipArt™ #ArtOnWheels fleet – artwork donated by named artists / Liveries by Joyce Design


About Natasha Kumar

Oil painting, watercolour, pastel, monotype, woodcut, etching, screenprint and lithograph are all techniques Natasha Kumar has studied and specialised in for 25+ years.

Natasha Kumar is a successful British-Indian artist producing work focused on India, its people and architecture. She has an extensive following among UK Indophiles, and among discerning collectors worldwide.


In India every flat surface is a potential canvas. If it stays still long enough to be painted on, it will be, with a mesmerising mix of gods and graffiti, folk art and advertising, instruction and exhortation. Great India captures that idea and runs with it, bringing together in one place the images of contemporary street life observed by Natasha over the last decade, in a riotous collision of colour and character.

Patient veiled women, the fall of a sari; the brazen charms of decorated lorries; cockerels, coke signs and holy cows create a bright retrospective of her award-winning depiction of the contemporary Indian everyday.

We hope you are as excited as we are at the prospect of seeing her work on the roads very soon.

Natasha Kumar artwork


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