As the art market is rapidly evolving what are the most effective ways art vendors can reach new markets?
Benefit from the personal views, insights and experiences of other buyers and sellers of art. Through a collection of articles specially written for this debate and hosted on this page, we will be exploring their thoughts and experiences of art fairs, galleries, and online stores. We also offer you the opportunity to share your opinions (please see below for guidance).

Next guest blog out 18/01/19 is from the Co-founder & CEO of Project Art – The Social Arts MarketTM. It offers a stunning insight into successfully handling e-commerce infrastructures including online shops and promotion …


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Responses to the above debate will be provided by artists, galleries, art fair organisers, collectors, investors and will be collated below:



ARTICLE OUT 18/01/18




Why are we qualified to manage the debate?
ShipArtTM sits in the middle of the art sector and builds lasting relationships with artists, galleries, collectors, investors, curators and organisers of art fairs. From this position and with a genuine interest in all things art (our staff are art lovers and collectors), we are perfectly positioned to take a neutral stance and draw upon our community to bring you a wealth of opinions on the subject of buying and selling art in the current market.