This short article leads nicely on from our guest blog posted last week, “Is understanding art the exclusive preserve of connoisseurs?” in which the writer decided the answer was no! Wandering around many of the art fairs available these days and listening to some of the conversations from so called “newbies”, you can understand this view.


Several of Flight Logistics’ ShipArtTM team made their way to the Affordable Art Fair over the weekend. Having been heavily involved in shipping artwork for clients during the weeks leading up to this great event, it was time to take advantage of the mouth-watering selection of affordable art and to catch up with industry colleagues and friends whilst soaking up the creative atmosphere.

As expected there was a great buzz about the place. Artists were very chatty and approachable which is always helpful, kids joined their parents and enjoyed the various activities and art workshops, lots of dogs accompanied their owners, and even parking was reasonably easy. There was a real sense of community centred around wonderful art and the chance to find something special was ever present. People were buying ceramics at £50 upwards with the majority of artwork on sale between £500 and £6,000.

Artists from Left to right: Natasha Kumar | Mireia Serra | Xenz

Stands were bigger and fewer than previous Affordable Art Fairs. According to our client Natasha Kumar who had her own stand at the fair, they changed the criteria this year hence more galleries and agents (managing several artists) rather than stands per artist. It made for better viewing.

The day offered something for everyone, what a great way to enjoy art and also to be part of this special sector of ours! All good but it must beg the question, how do art fairs affect the livelihood of art galleries?