What have 100 years of women’s votes, 100 banners, 100 women artists, and ShipArtTM, got in common?

Produced and managed by our client Artichoke (UK), PROCESSIONS was a once-in-a-lifetime mass participation artwork which celebrated one hundred years of votes for women. It grabbed the imagination, interest and participation of thousands of women and girls around the UK as they took to the streets of London, Cardiff, Belfast and Edinburgh. The processions celebrated a huge achievement brought about by the women’s suffrage movement 100 years ago. The right for women to vote!

PROCESSIONS 2018 London, An Artichoke Project Commissioned by 14-18 NOW. Photo by Sheila Burnett.

One hundred women artists were commissioned to create one hundred centenary banners for PROCESSIONS. This made it essential for Artichoke (UK) to partner with an organisation that could provide a bespoke, hands on “fragile” delivery service.


So how did Flight Logistics – ShipArtTM help?
The relationship between Flight Logistics – ShipArtTM and Artichoke (UK) came on the back of a recommendation, in addition, Artichoke’s aim to work with artists to create extraordinary and ambitious public art resonated with Flight Logistic/ShipArtTM ArtOnWheels series which looks to bring art into social spaces.


Artichoke’s Production Coordinator sums the relationship up as follows: